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Well, the software on this page is not entirely my software, it is instead often open source software invented by others, but modified by me to better fit my needs or just for fun.

You can mail me if you have questions, found bugs or want to criticize my work.

Wikidpad A Wiki-like notebook for storing any text data, written in Python. Invented by Jason Horman, now developed by me. My own version "WikidPad-Compact" is now an integral part of WikidPad.
ANTLR-D ANTLR is a well known lexer and parser generator written in Java, OS independent.
Modified to generate code for the D programming language.
Art of Illusion Experimental Derivative AOI is a 3D modeller/animator/renderer, written in Java, OS independent.
Modified to show a few experimental enhancements. Modified version outdated.
pdf417codec (on Sourceforge) Library to encode/decode two-dimensional barcodes in the pdf417 standard, written in D programming language, currently Windows only.
Based on two GPL programs (one for encoding, one for decoding)

Snippets Port of SequenceMatcher class of Python's difflib module for the D programming language.

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